P2304Block 41/24 Southern North Sea


Licence P2304
Europa interest 50%
Partners Arenite 50%
Area Km2  
Basin Southern North Sea
Play Carboniferous Namurian & Dinantian
Term 2 years to July 2017


This is a promote licence awarded in July 2015 over Block 41/24 in the Southern North Sea to a joint venture comprising Europa and Arenite Petroleum Limited. The licence was awarded as part of the 28th Seaward Licensing Round. Block 41/24 adjoins the Yorkshire coast and contains the Maxwell gasfield which was discovered in Permian Zechstein carbonates by Total with the drilling of offshore well 41/24a-1 in 1969. Two follow-up appraisal wells (41/24a-2 by Total 1981 and 41/24-3 by Conoco 1992) targeted this fractured carbonate reservoir and flowed gas and condensate. The exploration emphasis of the licence is to address the Carboniferous prospectivity in the Namurian and Dinantian sequences. The adjoining onshore extension of the Cleveland basin contains a number of gas fields and discoveries including Kirby Misperton, Ebberstone Moor and Cloughton.

The promote licence is for two years duration and requires financial, technical and environmental capacity to be in place and a firm drilling (or agreed equivalent substantive activities) commitment to have been made by the end of the second year.

UK - Southern North Sea